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The bible which is derived from the latin word biblia meaning “books” is considered as the holy book of the christian religion, though it’s been shared also by Judaism in some aspects.

The bible is believed by christians to contain messages from God, teachings by the old prophets inspired by the holy spirit, stories of occurrences, psalms and proverbs.

Jeremiah's statement in -11 are similar to Isaiah 43:1-6.

The use of the Term "My Servant" is used by Jeremiah only here but is common to Isaiah, suggesting that Jeremiah borrowed from Isaiah and not the other way around.

Hebrews -13 Pdf The Dead Sea Scrolls include the entire 60 chapters of Isaiah without any indication of a brake between 39 and 40. The LXX also testifies to accepting of Isaiah as a unit in the 2nd century. C.) refers to Isaiah as the author.7th Century Prophets - Zephaniah, Nahum, and Jeremiah contain verses which are similar enough to Isaiah 40-66 to suggest borrowing.

This evidences that the Qumran community of the 2nd century B. (Zephaniah to Isaiah 47:8; Nahum to Isaiah 52:7, Jeremiah to Isaiah ).

Though Christ’s outward appearance was but mean, yet he had this faith in his power, which implies his belief that he was sent of God.

He believes it with application, not only in general, Thou cast do every thing (as John ), but, Thou cast make me clean.

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The critics view that 40-66 contains more references to Babylon than 1-39 is not supported by fact.

Note, Affectionate professions of faith in Christ, and resignations to him, are the most prevailing petitions for mercy from him, and shall speed accordingly. This is added here, in Mark, to show that Christ’s power is employed by his pity for the relief of poor souls; that his reasons are fetched from within himself, and we have nothing in us to recommend us to his favour, but our misery makes us the objects of his mercy. When the queen toucheth for the evil, she saith, I touch, God heals; but Christ toucheth and healeth too. Christ’s power was put forth in and by a word, to signify in what way Christ would ordinarily work spiritual cures; He sends his word and heals, .

And what he does for us he does with all possible tenderness. He exerted his power, and directed it to this creature. The poor leper put an if upon the will of Christ; If thou wilt; but that doubt is soon put out of doubt; I will.

Note, What we believe of the power of Christ we must bring home to our particular case; Thou canst do this for me.

(3.) With submission to the will of Christ; Lord, if thou wilt.

We have here the story of Christ’s cleansing a leper, which we had before, Matt. (2.) With a firm belief of his power; Thou canst make me clean.